Over the next 16 and April 17, L’AND Vineyards will launch two new exclusive products, the Wonder Tea L’AND and Tisane Wonder L’AND, both created by Thuy Tien and scents and perfumes rooibos and green tea , jasmine and orange.
For the occasion the L’AND decided to draw up a special program, “Vento d’Este / Vento d’Oeste” and dedicate a weekend to the relationship between the Portuguese culture and Vietnamese culture, which will be represented in many respects, the launch of the new teas, for a dinner and a lunch dining, for a lecture “Tea in the World” and the projection commented the movie “Indochine”. “Thuy Tien is a Vietnamese who is in love with Portugal, has lived here for over twenty years and wants to contribute to introduce the consumer ritual of a drink that the Portuguese helped discover. After several experiences with Alentejo flavors, found the right formula to create these teas. Tea and Infusion Wonder L’AND are just two of the many tributes to our country, this in particular to L’AND Vineyards and Alentejo region. Developed over time a successful partnership with Thuy Tien and a great friendship, “said Mario Morales, general manager of L’AND Vineyards. Thuy Tien owns mIU Concept in Porto and is the person responsible for teas and herbal teas used in the L’AND Vineyards from the beginning.