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Quinta do Vallado celebrates its 300th anniversary! Since 1818 the estate has been part of the Ferreira family. It was António Bernardo Ferreira I - Dona Antónia Adelaide Ferreira's uncle - that first acquired Quinta do Vallado in the early 19th century. Since then,.

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Rita Soares promotes very successfully in São Paulo the book "Portugal Wine & Lifestyle", one of her's big dream come true. An idea of Rita Soares, with photographs of Homem Cardoso  and text Margarida Ramalho, an edition By the Book, this book shows the best to find in Portugal in Wine Tourism, Wine and.

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Over the next 16 and April 17, L'AND Vineyards will launch two new exclusive products, the Wonder Tea L'AND and Tisane Wonder L'AND, both created by Thuy Tien and scents and perfumes rooibos and green tea , jasmine and orange. For the occasion.

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Express Golden Key - The Malhadinha Nova Country House & Spa among the best hotels in Portugal for the ninth consecutive time. The decision is from the  Guide Boa Cama Boa Mesa Expresso's newspaper. Best Wine Tourism Accommodation - The Malhadinha Nova was awarded the Best of Wine Tourism Award accommodation.

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Mesa de Lemos  restaurant, located on Quinta de Lemos, in the municipality of Viseu, was awarded the "Golden Fork",in a ceremony that took place yesterday in Lisbon. Award created by the Guide Boa Cama Boa Mesa,  in order to reward the best projects in  the area - hotels and restaurants. It.

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Awards for Quinta  de Lemos  show the consistency of their wines internationally! The Quinta de Lemos 'wines have just been awarded one "Diamond Truphy", two Double Gold medals, four gold and two silver in the prestigious Sakura Japanese competition. The third edition of these awards attracted more than 3500 wines from 35.

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Solo has nothing to do with Han Solo in fact.  Though it sounds short and snappy, the name has no less than three meanings for owner, Pedro Araujo. First, it’s a tribute to Ameal’s soil (Solo in Portuguese ), second to this wine being “oenologically minimalist, no interferences, a self made wine”and.

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Quinta do vallado is proud to announce that the Wine Hotel in the Upper Douro has won yet another award! The jaw-dropping Casa do Rio was recognized for having the finest "Sustainable Wine Tourism Practices" in the Porto and Douro Region. The honor came as part of the Best of Wine Tourism Awards promoted.

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Wines of Portugal | Annual Fórum of Vinhos de Portugal.

Data: November 23,  2015
Categorias: events


On the 25th of November at the Curia Palace Hotel takes place another Annual Forum "Wines of Portugal" responsibility ViniPortugal - Wines of Portugal.
The program is very attractive and all national producers are present.

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The Yeatman has been honoured once again with the prestigious prize ‘Best Accommodation’ in the Wine Tourism Awards promoted by the English magazine, Drinks International, one of the most influential wine publications in the UK. The Yeatman was awarded the prize in 2014, and it has just been.

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